ScouterHerb & MrsB's
List of Geocaches placed in the 1st Year of Geocaching
May 3, 2000 to May 2, 2001
from a Canadian perspective!

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Page updated April 7, 2018

Hello Geocachers

As a History buff, and after MrsB and I found Strathcona Wilderness 1 and Strathcona Wilderness 1.1, I started thinking about the first year of Geocaching from May 3, 2000 to May 2, 2001. I wondered how many Geocaches had been placed in that period and then how many of them had been Canadian? Upon checking resources on the internet I could not find any sites that listed more than the first 100 Geocaches. This did not include either of the above.

So, as a 10th Anniversary of Geocaching project, I decided to complete my own list, with a Canadian perspective. It turns out there were 2,025 Caches placed in that period (at least that I have found). Of those 1,297 have been Archived (64.0%), leaving 728 still active (36.0%) and only 60 of them were Canadian (3.0%). Of the 60 Canadian 32 have been Archived (53.3%).

Total Country Break Down

Looking at numbers placed each month gives us an idea as to how Geocaching grew: May 2000= 21, June 2000= 28, July 2000= 9, August 2000= 10, September 2000= 23, October 2000= 42, November 2000= 47, December 2000= 74, January 2001= 172, February 2001= 436, March 2001= 503, April 2001= 635, May 1-2, 2000= 25

The Canadian Caches break down as follows: Nova Scotia 4 (includes Canada's 1st), New Brunswick 1, Quebec 4, Ontario 21, Manitoba 2, Saskatchewan 3, Alberta 15 (including Canada's 2nd), British Columbia 9, Nunavut 1

Total State/Province Break Down

There are 21 pages, each containing up to 100 Caches, with page 1 beginning May 3, 2000 and page 21 ending May 2, 2001 (one full year). There is also a page dedicated strictly to the 60 Canadian Caches. It details the number and page they can be found in the other pages.

There are links to the Cache page on on each line, however you will have to be logged in as a "Member" or in some cases "Premium Member" to view them.

The numbering of the caches was a problem, in that while they could be sorted by date easily, when it came to sorting them within a date there was no way to determine which had been placed first. The GC number would not work as in many instances the cache was actually placed weeks and sometimes months before or after the GC listing was taken out. Therefore I arbitrarily made the decision to sort within a date by distance from my home coordinates in Redwood Meadows, Alberta, Canada. Thus for this listing this became the center of the Universe - sorry Toronto! (inside Canadian joke).

On the web site I have created a Bookmark page of all the active geocaches: here

In the process of compiling this list I discovered that MrsB and I have actually found to April 2012 a total of 12 of these cache:

#38 GC25 Camels Prairie Stash near Priest Lake, Idaho, USA
#137 GCA6 Strathcona Wilderness 1 (Alberta's First Cache) - Strathcona Wilderness Centre, Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada
#288 GC14F Sask-cache-one (Saskatchewan's Firt Cache - west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
#429 GC1DD Treehugger (BC's First Cache) - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
#438 GC21B Strathcona Wilderness 1.1 - Strathcona Wilderness Centre, Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada
#489 GC218 Creekside - Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #760 GC33A CARKEEK CACHE - Carkeek Park, Seattle, Washington, USA
#1343 GC5D6 The Map Maker Virtual Cache - East Hope, Idaho, USA
#1366 GC5D3 Tubbs Hill Cache - Tubbs Hill, Cour d'Alene, Idaho, USA
#1529 GC660 buck's box - Olds, Alberta, Canada
#1649 GC6DF Lost Loggs - Sea Island, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
#1986 GC849 Love Grotto - Grotto Canyon, Exshaw, Alberta, Canada

I hope you will pehaps find this listing useful or at least interesting!

Finally I would like to thank Jen Sonstelie, Marketing Manager at Groundspeak for her very kind words and supoort with my sharing this list!


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