Palasa's Zigsa - the Fifth Dog in the Family

Ziggy March 6, 2011
Ziggy March 6, 2011

Ziggy was born September 30, 2010. We purchases him from Phyliss & Alvin Lust of Palasa Lhasa Kennels.
The name Zigsa means "Snow Leopard" in Tibetan.

Ziggy's CKC Registration
Ziggy's Canadian Kennel CLub Registration

Below is Ziggy's ancestry (CH means Champion, ROM means Register of Merit which means ROM for males, 10 Champions sired, for females 5 Champions sired):

                CH San Jo Mion Louie Louie
        CH Kumi Kian Hot Digity
                Ch Kumi Kian Hotta Molly
Sire: CH Furchila Spirit Bear
        CH Desiderata Tora Mia Dhana

Apsolutely Rave Review CH Palasa's Knight Shadow ROM CH Palasa's Ahlee Dam: CH Palasa Desiderata Micca CH San Jo Paint The Town CH Desiderata Kalidescope CH Desiderata Donna Del Lago

We picked Ziggy out, or should we say he picked us, on December 16, 2010.

Ziggy's December 16, 2010
Ziggy and Janet on December 16, 2010

We brought Ziggy home on December 29, 2010.

Ziggy January 1, 2011
Ziggy on January 1, 2011

Janet knit him a coat for winter so she could take him on walks with her. He very quickly learned to walk properly on leash, and he became a good hiker, sometimes going as much as 3 miles at a time.

Janet & Ziggy January 22, 2011
Janet & Ziggy January 22, 2011

Ziggy is an exceptionally quick learner and was soon housebroken.

While we went to Kauai for 2 weeks on February 14, 2011, Ziggy went back to stay with his Sister Nina at the Lust's, and from all reports had a great time.

Ziggy & Nina
Ziggy & Nina

Ziggy is getting bigger, and on March 29, 2011 had a micro chip implanted, #151571303A, AVID. He is now ready to go on his first long trip to Vancouver.

Ziggy March 6, 2011
Picture taken by our Granddaughter Jessie of Ziggy on March 6, 2011

In April 2011 Ziggy once again is getting bigger.

Ziggy April 26, 2011
Ziggy after a bath and brushing.

On June 26, Ziggy had his first swim when he fell in a Fishpond at Kevin's Sister's House.

Ziggy in Fish Pond
Ziggy in Fish Pond.

On November 3, 2011, Ziggy went to visit Cesar Millan at Canadian Tire.

Ziggy with Cesar and Janet

Ziggy with Cesar and Janet
Pictures of Ziggy with the Dog Whisperer and Janet November 3, 2011

On May 6, 2012 Ziggy went to visit 96 year old Myrtle Barge in her Nursing Home for the first time.

Ziggy with 96 year old Myrtle
Ziggy with 96 year old Myrtle

A Cat has shown up on our front porch to sleep on our cushioned chair during rainstorms. He/She is a very friendly Siamese Cat who loves to be petted and is not the least bit afraid of Ziggy. So on July 13, 2012 we took some pictures on Herb's cell phone of Ziggy with his new buddy.

Ziggy with new buddy

Ziggy with new buddy
Pictures of Ziggy with his new buddy July 13, 2012

Ziggy at Great Falls MT
Janet and Ziggy at Great Falls of the Missouri in Montana August 2013

Ziggy at Crazy Horse, SD
Janet, Irene and Ziggy at Crazy Horse, South Dakota August 2013

Ziggy at Mount Rushmore, SD
Herb, Janet, and Ziggy at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota August 2013

Ziggy at Coure D'Alene, ID
A hot Ziggy having a drink on Tubbs Hill, Coure D'Alene, Idaho August 2013

In September 2014 Ziggy traveled with us to visit Kevin and Irene in Anmore, BC. While out on a Geocaching walk he had his first picture taken with his sister Nina.

Nina and Ziggy September 2014

In April 2016 we moved to a basement suite in Kevin and Irene's new home in Sechelt, BC on Porpoise Bay and smaller Snake Bay in Sechelt Inlet. One day in November 2016, while we were taking Laurel back to the Vancouver Airport, Kevin looked after the dogs and while walking them took a picture of Nina and Ziggy with Sechelt Inlet in the background.

Nina and Ziggy

Ziggy likes to play with toys.

Ziggy with a toy

Ziggy likes to stare at you when he wants something like getting up in your chair, or going outside.

Ziggy staring

They both became very good at expecting treats when they did something good.

Ziggy and Nina looking for a treat

Ziggy had a portrait taken February 1, 2017.


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