Turner Cemetery (sometimes called Horse Butte Anglican) - Kyle, Saskatchewan

Turner Cemetery is located about five miles south and two miles west of Kyle, Saskatchewan on Range Road 16.

Geographic Location SW 6-21-15 W3, RM of Lacadena #228. GPS Coordinates for the entrance road are N50 45.256', W108 04.924'.



The following are pictures of Headstones, including Herb's Grandfather Joseph Herbert Pinkerton, his sister Olive Myrtle Cluff and her husband John Reginald Cluff. Neighbors of the Pinkerton farm were George and Margaret Weston to the south and Louis and Elizabeth Gaensley to the North:

hbc032.jpg Lawrence R. Allen

hbc033.jpg Martha Allen

hbc035.jpg Olga G. Allen

hbc036.jpg Raymond Allen

hbc034.jpg Wilson H. Allen

hbc014.jpg Dorothy A. Aubert

hbc010.jpg Clifford S. and Signe A. Bird

hbc011.jpg Gerald B. Bird

hbc017.jpg Elijah Roy and Emily Elizabeth Bishop

hbc012.jpg John Reginald Cluff
John Reginald Cluff, born 08 November 1881 in Pilot Mound, Manitoba, Canada, died 30 September 1935 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Rex was Herb's Granduncle

hbc013.jpg Olive Myrtle Cluff
Olive Myrtle Pinkerton was born 23 August 1886 in Eden Grove, Ontario, Canada, died 09 November 1980 in Coaldale, Alberta, Canada.
Myrtle was Herb's Grandaunt

hbc042.jpg Francis E. DeGruchy

hbc043.jpg Francis Saunders DeGruchy

hbc044.jpg Thomas Phillip DeGruchy

hbc041.jpg Walter DeGruchy

hbc002,jpg Helen Erickson

hbc026.jpg Angus Ferguson

hbc030.jpg Donald Ferguson

hbc029.jpg Margaret McNevan Ferguson

hbc031.jpg Viola Sarah Ferguson

hbc028.jpg Elizabeth Annie Frost

hbc048.jpg Jessie McGregor hbc046.jpg Louis Gaensly

hbc020.jpg Hugh R. Gillespie

hbc025.jpg Herta L. Gundacker

hbc007.jpg Bessie Hamilton

hbc006.jpg George Hamilton

hbc004.jpg Hector Hamilton

hbc003.jpg L.A.C.Richard A Hamilton

hbc005.jpg Robert D. Hamilton

hbc016.jpg Marion Hannah

hbc024.jpg Ezekiel and Phoebe Hubel Munro and Willie Knox

hbc045.jpg George A. Marshall

hbc023.jpg David McRie

hbc047.jpg Jessie McGregor

hbc022.jpg Aaudrey L. Monk

hbc021.jpg Leonard Monk

hbc015.jpg Joseph Herbert Pinkerton
Joseph Herbert Pinkerton was born 30 September 1877 in Walkerton, Ontario Canada, died in 1937 in Kyle, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Herb was Herbs Grandfather

hbc037.jpg Baby Scott

hbc001.jpg Robert Paddy Swain

hbc027.jpg William James Trehair

hbc038.jpg Anne Jemima Turner

hbc040.jpg Anne Jemima Turner

hbc009.jpg Gordon A. Turner

hbc039.jpg Joshua Turner

hbc008.jpg Ruby Isabel Turner

hbc018.jpg George Weston

hbc019.jpg Margaret Jane Weston

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