Shiner - the third Dog in the Family

We purchased Shiner from some close friends, and he had a rough start in life. When he was born they thought he was dead and placed him in the Garbage only to later hear him whimpering. They retrieved him and nursed him to health. We later bought him and presented him to our Daughter Laurel on her 8th Birthday as she had wanted a Dog of her own and thus he was really her Dog. He was called Shiner because of the Black patch around his right Eye.

Shiner July 26, 1974
Shiner at age 6 months July 26, 1974, being greeted by our Dog Jiggs.

Whether it was his stint in the Garbage or other causes, Shiner was a sometimes strange dog. He did not particularly like Men and would attack for no reason. However he always got along fine with our own family. Herb's Dad on the other hand was another matter. He would attack him every time he came over even though he had never done anything to him.

Shiner & John
Shiner and our Son John - one of the best pictures we have of him!

Shiner August 1985
Shiner in August 1985.

Two people he really liked were his master Laurel and Janet's Mother Lilian. He was always on his best behavior around them.

Shiner & Laurel
Shiner and Laurel in 1984!

Shiner & Janet's Mother
Shiner and Janet's Mother Lilian in 1984.

Shiner died in 1987

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