Herert Franklin Barge's Air Force Story!

Herb joined the RCAF Auxilliary 2442 Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron on June 15, 1955, taking training that summer at 5th Air Division in Vancouver. Herb Graduated as a Fighter Control Operator (FCO).

In the October 1957 with the rank of Corporal, he attended the RCAF School of Instructional Technique (SIT) in Trenton, Ontario. He graduated with very high marks.

Herb and his class at SIT in 1957

In the summer of 1958 and 1959, he taught Meterology and Radar Theory at Reserve Tradesman Training Program (RTTP) Summer Camps at CFB Sea Island.

Herb and one of the classes he helped teach.

He worked many weekends and some summers during 1959 and 1960 at CFB Kamloops (Mount Lolo) Radar Site. During one of these visits he painted the following picture:

In 1959 Herb was promoted from the rank of Corporal to the Rank of Sergeant.

Newspaper announcement of Herb becoming Sergeant

Herb was transfered to the Supplementary Reserve, upon closure of the Squadron January 31, 1961.

Herb's Certificate of Service