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Welcome to our WEB Site!

Sechelt Logo LogoOur home is located in a lovely suite in the basement of our daughter's home in Sechelt, B.C., overlooking Snake Bay on Sechelt Inlet.

You can see where we are located by clicking on the "MAP" button!

Poppy Lest we forget! - The stories of the various people, surrounding our family, that we know served, and sometimes died for their country!

If you click on the "GENEALOGY" button, it will take you to a site which we dedicate to our ancestors and all of their decendants! It is a site which has been "privatized", which means the information on anyone born after 1915, and we do not have a record of having passed away, shows only initials for first and last names, and it will indicate "Private" instead of a birth date. Be aware we do have many more living persons in our Data Base, however we are only showing ones here who's marriage links to another Family Tree, although not all living links are posted.

The file covers individuals born in Austria (Part that is now in the Ukraine), Canada, England, Ireland, Germany, Scotland and the USA.

There are over 12,000 individuals, and 1700 Surnames listed on the web site.

Not all of the names here are related to us, however somewhere there is a link to other families through marriage, and individuals from these families have provided us a family tree!

As the data in this data base came from a lot of different sources, we know that some information may be based on questionable data.

If anyone has proof that something is wrong, we would like to hear from you. We would also like to hear from anyone who has additional information, to add to the data base.

We also can supply descendant trees and data sheets, in PDF format, if you e-mail us and identify who you are and to whom you are related in the data base.

The "FAMILY SITE" button leads to a "private" site, for Family members and close relatives to visit. A User ID and password are required to enter.

You can e-mail us by clicking on the "E-MAIL" button.

Geocaching is our newest hobby. The Geocaching button will take you to links about geocaching, as well as our "Finds".

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